Smoke events

01.02.2004 - Recycal's Rocherlea site ordered to shut operations after EPA finds evidence of lead contamination

                     The EPA Environmental Protection Notice

                     Department of Health advice

02.10.2023 - Flinders Island planned burn gets out of control. HERE

02.10.2023 -Tamar Valley smoke. Taken from Grindelwald looking over Launceston HERE and HERE, and from Brady's Lookout looking over Exeter HERE and HERE

23.09.2023 - Grindelwald 09.00 hrs smoke HERE. And not listed as a registered burn HERE

02.07.2023 - Tamar valley smoke  HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE & Video HERE

                      and EPA animated .GIF HERE

01/07.2023 - Festival of Voices -  Download and play

03.06.2023 - Just 4 hours of clean air in Launceston

09.04.2023 - Maydena Burn   Premier's 29 March letter HERE Plots courtesy of EPA

05.04.2023 - Burning across Tasmania & HERE & HERE. Burners have gone mad.

31.07.2022 - Bridport skate park

09.07.2022 - Huon Valley to get smoke

24.06.2022 - Festival of Voices

19.06.2022 - Burning the masked owl

27.04.2022 - Southern Tas smoked out by STT burns

26.02.2022 - Smithton smoke

17.02.2022 - Olgas Bluff burn (1.3Mb d/l ) Smoke Jumpers practice? Here & Here & Here & Here

11.02.2022 - Lebrina private burn goes wrong HERE (11Mb download)

12.02.2022 - Lebrina burn HERE (9.6Mb)

                  TFS Facebook comments closed for asking questions

14.02.2022 - Lebrina helicopter pilot dies HERE (7.39Mb)

22.01.2022 - Tulla bushfire HERE and HERE

18.11.2021 - Pollen rise in Canberra. PM10 rise in Exeter, Tas.

15.10.2021 - Tyre fire at Mount Lyell mine outside Queenstown expected to burn for days

A fire among thousands of car and truck tyres at Mount Lyell mine, outside Queenstown on Tasmania's west coast, is being treated as suspicious.

12.3.2021 - STT escaped burn at the Styx close to the World Heritage site    EPA air quality readings


The fire has been burning out of control since Wednesday near the Styx River, southwest of Bushy Park. It was lit by forestry authorities on Saturday following logging operations.

Emergency services have issued a smoke and ash warning for people in the area around New Norfolk, Bushy Park, Westerway and Gretna but there is no immediate threat to property.

Smokewatch October 18 2020   Sydney's North Head - Hazard Reduction burn went wrong

Smokewatch October 13 2020   Sydney's Royal National Park - Hazard Reduction burn went wrong 

Smokewatch October 03 2020   St Helens - Sustainable Timber Tasmania - Plantation burn went wrong

  05.2020 -Bushfire royal commission hears that Black Summer smoke killed nearly 450 people.

Associate Professor Fay Johnston, from the Menzies Institute for Medical Research at the University of Tasmania, said her team estimated around 445 people died as a result of the smoke, over 3,000 people were admitted to hospital for respiratory problems and 1,700 people presented for asthma.

02.03.2020 - Recap of Australia bushfires

Smokewatch  31.01.2020  Smoke coming into Tas from Canberra bush fire. HERE and HERE from EPA Tasmania.

Smokewatch  04.01.2020  Smoke coming into Tasmania from Mainland bushfires

01.01.2020 -  Canberra smoke travels to NZ

31.12.2019 - Mallacoota smoke

03.12.2019 - NSW - A pack a day smokers

03.12.2019  Melinda from Nymboida NSW. - I carried the wreckage of my home to Parliament,   and ABC story here

21.11.2019  Smoke in Sydney

Smoke from Southern fires ruins grapes 26.04.2019 - ABC Tas Country Hour with Tony Briscoe

        Audio download 9min50sec- Winemakers in Huon Valley counting the cost of losing their vintage through smoke taint

Smokewatch  13.03.2019 - Same fire still going and now at 157Ha   TFS website information, EPA Air Quality

Smokewatch  11.03.2019   Long Plains Road, Exeter, Tasmania. Examiner article  Photo from Grindelwald at 1900hrsTFS website information

The fires burn 05.02.2019

Smokewatch  31.01.2019  The fires burn

Smokewatch  25.01.2019  Smoke chokes Tasmania    Fires as listed by TFS late on the 25th Jan. 2019   Fire ban

Smokewatch  16.08 2017  Smoke cloaks Sydney again

Smokewatch  13.05.2017  A/Q alert for Victorian asthmatics.

Smokewatch  21.04.2017  Smoke persists

Smokewatch  20.04.2017  Smoke levels rise across Tasmania. Air quality is degraded. Further photo here....

Smokewatch  07.04.2017 The whole of Northern Tasmania

Smokewatch 15.12.2016 Grindelwald prescribed burn "to protect the grapes"  Photos here.

Smokewatch 16.11.2016  Smoke over Sydney from deliberate planned burns in May caused 14 premature deaths

Smokewatch 24.8.2016   Forico's wet, smoky burn in Winter. No date, no lightup time, no size,

Sydney smoke 19.05.2016  They call it haze. Why don't they call it what it really is...deadly deliberate toxins!

Fire as destructive as in Canada could happen in Australia 9.5.2016

Smokewatch Sydney 9.05.2016  3rd day of planned burn smoke

Smokewatch Sydney 7.05.2016  Air quality at dangerous levels

Smokewatch   21.04.2016 Environmentalist Bob Brown says stop Tasmania Autumn burns

Smokewatch  19.04.2016  Cradle Mountain smoke. And, Inside the mind of a burner -comment #7

Wagga air pollution tops the state

Smokewatch 16.04.2016       Video

Smokewatch 16.03.2016  Air quality - Courtesy of Forestry Tasmania

Smokewatch 19.02.2016  Cows sick with the smoke

Smokewatch 12.02.2016  Water bombers brought inMedia release-16.2.16

Smokewatch 09.02.2016  Satellite  TFS

World heritage forests burn as global tragedy unfolds in Tasmania  27.01.2016

Smokewatch 26.01.2016  Melbourne air quality drops becuse of Tas smoke and EPA report here.

Smokewatch  21.01.2016  BoM/Himawari satelite

Smokewatch 17.01.2016  NASA satellite

Smokewatch 05.11.2015  Fuel reduction Orielton   Information requested in relation to this pollution

Smokewatch 08.10.2015  West Tamar Highway

Smokewatch 23.06.2015  Riverside golf club

Smokewatch 23.12.2013

Smokewatch 22.12.2013

Smokewatch 7-8.4.2013

Smokewatch 10.4.2013

Smokewatch 15.4.2012

Smokewatch 3.9.2012

Smokewatch 14.7.2012

Smokewatch 9.7.2012

Smokewatch 6.7.2012

Smokewatch 20.5.2012


Smokewatch 16.5.2012

Smokewatch 14.4.2012

Smokewatch 13.4.2012

Smokewatch 4.4.2012

Smokewatch 28.3.2012

Smokewatch 29.10.2011

Smokewatch 26.10.2011

Smokewatch 23.10.2011

Smokewatch 17.10.2011

Smokewatch 25.9.2011

Smokewatch 20.5.2011

Smokewatch 22.5.2011

Smokewatch 19.5.2011

Smokewatch 18.4.2011 - 21.4.2011

Smokewatch 9.4.2011

Smokewatch 7.4.2011

Smokewatch 6.4.2011

Smokewatch 5.4.2011

Smokewatch 11.3.2011

Smokewatch 15.11.2010  6th October revisited

Smokewatch 16.12.2010 Rosevears

Smokewatch 6.10.2010

Smokewatch 6.8.2010 Whales & smoke

Smokewatch 4.11.2010

Smokewatch 30.10.2010

Smokewatch 21.10.2010

Smokewatch 20.10.2010

Smokewatch 12.10.2010

Smokewatch 11.10.2010

Smokewatch 6.10.2010

Smokewatch 5.10.2010

Smokewatch 4.10.2010

Smokewatch 21 & 23.9.2010

Smokewatch 15.7.2010 Perth

Smokewatch 24.9.2010

Smokewatch 22.7.2010 gorse     23.11.2016-Gorse set to fuel Chinese barbeques

Smokewatch 2.7.2010

Smokewatch 22.6.2012

Smokewatch 21.6.2010

Smoke watch 15.6.2010

Smoke watch 8.6.2010

Smoke watch 27.5.2010

Smoke watch 19.5.2010

Smoke watch 18.5.2010

Smoke watch 17.5.2010

Smoke watch 16.5.2010

Smoke watch 2.5.2010

Smoke watch 1.5.2010

Smoke watch 21-22. 4.2010

Smoke watch 17.4.2010

Smoke watch 14.4.2010

Smoke watch 13.4.2010

Smoke watch 28.3.2010

Smoke watch24.3.2010

Smoke watch 17.3.2010

Smoke watch 13.11.2009

Smoke watch 12.11.2009

Smoke watch 11.11.2009

Smoke watch 10.11.2009

Smoke watch 7th 8th 9th Nov. 2009

Smoke watch 30.10.2009

Tas paper online

Ways to reduce smoke

Smoke watch 1.11.2008

Smoke watch 25.10.2008

Smoke watch 18.10.2008-N/E Tas

Smoke watch 16.10.08 

Smoke watch 11.10.2008-Smoke across northern Tas

Smoke in winter and bushfires

Amount of wood. Amount of smoke

Number of plannedburns in 2008

Smoke watch 15.5.2008

Smoke watch 21.5.2008 - Tamar Valley23/09/

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Burning bush wastes money for little outcome
Diesel exhaust 100 times more toxic than gasoline exhaust on an equal horsepower basis
Diesel exhaust alters flower scents honey bees use to find food
More diesel vehicles over the exhaust limit

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The Pyrohealth Transition - How combustion emissions have shaped health through human history
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