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The world student strike 4climate action
Click on Rob Walls' 2018 photo above to see Hobart in action and to read the TasmaniaTimes comments.

20.9.2019 Examiner - Thousands of people rally against climate change at Launceston's Civic Square
Report:Kasey Wilkins, Pics:Scott Gelston
The gloves are off; 'predatory' climate deniers are a threat to our children - Tim Flannery
28/11/2019 - Anti-protest laws approved by Senate
Activists who even promote protests which involve trespass onto private land could receive 12 months'
imprisonment under new federal legislation. The laws would cover places such as timber and pulp mills.
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The science is incontrovertible: global warming is caused by human activities that emit
carbon dioxide (“CO2”) and other greenhouse gases (“GHG”)2 into the atmosphere of the
planet.3 Each day, the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, industrial processes, and
agriculture add hundreds of millions of tons of CO2 to the atmosphere, where it will remain
for centuries. There is now more CO2 in the atmosphere than at any time in the past 800,000
Study: Climate Change Wildfire health impacts Cost Billions for Washingtonians
21/8/19 - Deforestation and Climate Change
And what about our forest industries saying high intensity burns are ok because the convection sends the residue up into the stratosphere? As if that is ok and acceptable.
They are just using our air as an open sewer!
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We have the vacine for climate disinformation - so lets use it
So how do we persuade people not to be fooled? One promising answer lies in a branch of psychology called "inoculation theory" The logic is analogous to the way a medical vaccine works: you can prevent a virus spreading by giving lots of people a small dose.
Tasmanian Climate Change Office
The Tasmanian Climate Change Office leads the State Government’s response to the challenges and opportunities of a changing climate.

Studies show that climate change has had a large impact on mental health within the last few years. Young people especially are suffering. It was reported that 45% of young adults and teenagers feel that climate anxiety affects their daily life.
It’s crucial to remember that climate anxiety should not be dismissed as overreacting - it's a healthy response to an existential threat. That’s why my team at EcoWatch created a resource highlighting ways to manage this anxiety