Cultural Burning
“All the areas we burned last year, didn’t burn this year,”
he tells The Fifth Estate.
Of course, and they most likely would not have burnt last year if they had not been set alight.
We all must stop burning stuff.
Cleanairtas acknowledges Aboriginal people as the traditional CUSTODIANS of our land.
Each and everyone of us must be custodians of our air and this has not been happening for 60,000 years.
Cultural burning is an option.    Breathing is not.
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After 60,000 years we now know....
"Every single disease that is non-communicable is impacted by air pollution.
It is not only involved in worsening diseases but in causing them, and new diseases that would not otherwise occur are happening because of air pollution." - Sir Stephen Holgate, National Clean Air Conference Nov. 20/21
Joel Wright - "The language of fire."
Did Australian Aboriginals burn as we are told?

Fuel reduction and ecological burning etc. are based on the assumption that all Aboriginal people undertook fire-stick farming. Joel Wright, traditional owner in southwest Victoria, is an indigenous language, culture and history researcher. He finds no evidence of wide-scale burning in Aboriginal language and culture.
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In his journals in 1770 Captain James Cook described the land (Eastern Australia) as “a continent of smoke” and noted that “we saw smoke by day or fires by night wherever we came”.
So whichever it was, science now tells us cool burning or cultural burns, produce much smoke from incomplete combustion.
This smoke is very harmful and shortens lives.
Is this what we, and our overstretched health departments, want us to go back to?
20.02.2012 -Tasmanian ABC News:
"There has got to be an understanding that people who complain about smoke have a legitimate case, the medical science is on their side now." - Professor David Bowman.

13.11.2019 - ABC The Drum. Click on the pic to download the grab.
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Fire Ecologist & Geographer Prof David Bowman says"...who cares whether we achieve FUEL MANAGEMENT with burning, fuel management can be achieved with brushcutters, fuel management can be achieved with goats." ( 16Mb)

21.10.2013 - And here is a further ABC video
Prof Bowman on LateLine with Emma Alberici  (9Mb)
21.11.2922 - Email to Hon. Linda Jean Burney
                     Minister for Indigenous Australians
07.02.2023 - Nothing heard, sent again
08.03.2023 - Response from Hon. Burney
01.12.2022 - Email to Roger Jaensch MP
                     Tas. Liberal Member for Braddon
                     Minister for Education, Children and Youth
                     Minister for Environment and Climate Change
                     Minister for Aboriginal Affairs
                     Minister for Parks
After 60,000 years we now know....
'Outdoor air pollution [is] a leading environmental cause of cancer deaths'. - IARC 17/10/2013.
The specialized cancer agency of the World Health Organization, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), announced today that it has classified outdoor air pollution as carcinogenic to humans (Group 1).
After thoroughly reviewing the latest available scientific literature, world leading experts convened by the IARC Monographs Programme concluded that there is sufficient evidence that exposure to outdoor air pollution causes lung cancer (Group 1, the highest classification).
They also noted a positive association with an increased risk of bladder cancer.
Particulate matter, a major component of outdoor air pollution, was evaluated separately and was also classified as carcinogenic to humans (Group 1).
NOTE: Similar Group 1 carcinogens are asbestos, arsenic, formaldehyde, and mustard gas.
15.10.2021 - Aboriginal Fire Rangers completed their first cultural burn
Why  are we still using our air as an open sewer?
No protective P2/N95 respirators, not clean shaven.
It is sad, who's training these guys?
We know when you can't breathe nothing else matters.
Fire stick farming, indigenous burning, cultural burning, cool burning, it doesn't matter what term it is given, it produces a lot of smoke through incomplete combustion.
Tas is only a small place, about 320Km x 320Km.
Carcinogenic PM2.5s can travel over a 1000Km and stay airborne for a week.
"Particulate pollution is the most important contaminant in our air.
We know that when levels go up people die." -  Joel Schwartz, Harvard School of Public Health, E Magazine, Sept./Oct. 2002.
Smoldering eucalyptus demonstrated the greatest lung toxicity
of all the fuels tested.
Why would you deliberately want to breathe it?
Click on the pic to download a short video grab
from ABC TV News 20/1/2023
If cigarette smoke is bad then how is any other smoke ok?
It is not OK. Breathing this smoke is harmful.
Why would you deliberately want to breathe it?
People must stop blowing smoke in other people's faces.
"There has got to be an understanding that people who complain about smoke have a legitimate case, the medical science is on their side now." - Professor David Bowman, Tasmania. -
ABC News Feb. 20, 2012.
What is a smoking Ceremony
We all must learn about the harm wood smoke can cause to ourselves and others. There is no safe level of particulate matter.
Almost every time we see aboriginals on TV they are 'playing' with fire and breathing smoke. It really worries me for their health.
We know indigenous Australians  are dying 10 years younger as a result in many cases of diseases which can be linked to wood smoke.
This is what the science tells us.
Air pollution and PM2.5 are carcinogenic - WHO 2013
Good afternoon LCC

Clarification please?

I see the following on your website at https://launcestoncentralcity.com.au/

"We acknowledge the palawa people as the traditional owners of the land, sea and waters of lutruwita (Tasmania), and recognise their custodianship of culture and Country for over 60,000 years."

I can agree with...recognising their custodianship of culture and Country for over 60,000 years, but I am not sure, unless you can convince me otherwise, that the palawa people were the traditional owners of the land.. There is a big difference, not necessarily joined at the hip as stated.

Who gave the palawa people ownership? Didn't the palawa people just take it like the Europeans did?
We are all just custodians.

Look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you.

26th February 2023
Aboriginal Cultural Burning in Tasmania
5.4% of population - 2021 ABS population summary
Aboriginal Project Burning Officer
Information sheet
Neighbours can protect wine industry
Aboriginal burning
Not thinking about the health of ALL Tasmanians and our animals?
1/4/2023 - ABC News video - Click on the pic - 15Mb  .wmv download
The extraordinary rise of 'welcome to country' - and how an awkward stand-off led to Ernie Dingo re-introducing the tradition just 46 YEARS ago.
The modern format of the traditional ritual dates back less than 50 years
It was created by Richard Walley and Ernie Dingo's Aboriginal theatre troupe
“Ernie Dingo's dance troupe came up with the impromptu new routine in 1976 after an awkward stand-off with Maori and Cook Islanders who refused to perform at an arts festival until they were ritually welcomed.”
It was the culture to burn witches at the stake.
Is this culture one we must also return to?
The island of Lutruwita/Tasmania is Aboriginal Land.
Our sovereignty was not, and never will be, ceded."

Does this mean every land in the world that has changed hands  the original 'owners' can now claim 'ownership' and it has to be handed back?
How would this work?

There are two pathways available for people, companies, and government agencies to buy or invest in Cultural Fire Credits. Both pathways are processed in the same way, through the Catalyst Markets trading platform.
So, when you invest in Cultural Fire Credits, you’re investing, supporting, and helping to empower Indigenous communities to take the lead in caring for the health and wellbeing of the land.
[Not the people who are forced to breathe the smoke from these cool burns].

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