The Australian Medical Association says the Tasmanian Government is risking a major public health disaster by fast-tracking assessment of a controversial pulp mill. Doctors say the project fails to meet pollution guidelines and the community will suffer.
AMA Tasmania Branch Position Statement – Proposed Tamar Valley Pulp Mill
Brief to the Members of the Upper House

Pulp Mill and Health
Peter Cundall accuses Gunns of corruption
And I am not the only one, go here to read about the huge public oposition to this mill.

Reports and Submissions - TAP Into A Better Tasmania

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Cancer causing PM2.5 emissions have not been considered in the design of this 'world class mill'.
Pulp mill assessment.
Ultrafine particulates:
The question of assessment of ultrafine particulates (i.e. those less than 2.5 µm) is a similar predicament to the ‘missing’ background pollutants. At the moment there is not a requirement to collect data on ambient concentrations for these size particulates and data was not available to be used in a risk assessment.- (Dr Roger Drew, Expert of Gunns Ltd. 13/12/06)

Gunns need to be aware: The lifetime of PM 2.5 particle pollution is from days to weeks and their travel distance ranges from 100 to greater than 1000 kilometres
(NRDC, 2000).
The proposed pulp mill site at Long Reach is just 30 Km approximately form Launceston, a city of about 100,000 people.
Where there's smoke there's industry , or in the Archives at
Second Reading
The opportunity was used to remind Labor and Liberal of their involvement in the passing of the corrupt Pulp Mill Assessment Act.
Mr BOOTH - Yes, as Mr O'Halloran says, a dark moment in Tasmania's history, where people's rights were trampled in this desperate rush to get this pulp mill proposal up. I
t could not be assessed and was not able to be built in such a way that it would not damage the air people breathe in the Tamar Valley. It would pollute Bass Strait with some of the most toxic poisons known to man, and subject the community to another 1 000-odd log trucks a day, and proliferate pulp trees by special changes to legislation and the subversion of planning schemes to make plantation trees permitted use. The community's rights were removed every step of the way with that process and it is still hanging about.
Tamar Valley pulp mill.
Gunns Pulp Mill
Illnesses linked to pollution
December 17, 2006 12:00am
A NEW study has found a strong link between Tamar Valley air pollution and Launceston hospital admissions.
Researchers examined the relationship between levels of particles in the air in the Tamar Valley and respiratory admissions at the Launceston General Hospital between 1992 and 2002.
During this 10 years levels of particulate matter dropped significantly, largely because of a massive reduction in woodheaters in Launceston.
The study found admissions to the LGH for bronchitis and bronchiolitis also dropped significantly over this period.
Led by Tasmanian School of Medicine researcher Desiree Mesaros and Launceston lung specialist James Markos, the study was conducted by the University of Tasmania, the LGH and supported by the Clifford Craig Medical Research Trust.
In recent years, Launceston has recorded some of the highest air pollution levels in Australia. It has also recorded the highest levels of a cancer-causing particle of any city in the nation.
Of particular concern are elevated levels of an air-borne pollutant which is highly carcinogenic and found in coal tar, vehicle exhaust fumes, tobacco smoke and char-grilled food.
Dr Mesaros and Dr Markos will report on the health effects associated with exposure to these compounds in the Launceston region.
Expert estimates are that between eight and 25 people die prematurely each year because of air pollution in the Tamar Valley.
The region's air pollution gained exposure after a landmark study in the early 1990s found it had some of the worst particle pollution in the world.
The pollution problem is compounded by weather patterns which trap smoke, dust and chemical particles in the valley.
Particle levels in Launceston last winter met national health guidelines for the first time since records were kept in the early 1990s.
Findings of the Tamar Valley study will be presented to an international audience at the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand conference in March.
The following ‘statement of fact’ (in green below) appeared in
Gunns Pulp Mill Project Newsletter #6:
Gunns Ltd proposed to build a 2.5 billion dollar pulp mill at Long Reach in the Tamar Valley in Tasmania,
However, the company was placed in voluntary administration in September 2012.

Gunns boss, Mr John Gay, pleaded guilty and was fined in relation to insider trading on the basis he
should have known he had information that may have influenced shareholders if it was made public,
when he sold 3.4 million of his shares while at the helm of the former timber company in December

The campaign

The Tamar valley is known to have severe air pollution problems because of temperature inversions, and
smoke that comes in from the mailand. This is completely the wrong place to be building the largest pulp
mill in the world.
Having worked in a pulp mill I am opposed to the building of another pulp mill in Tasmania.
Having lived near a pulp mill I am opposed to the building of another pulp mill in Tasmania.
Having asthma/COPD I am opposed to the building of a pulp mill in Tasmania.
Having studied air pollution and wind paterns in Tasmania I am opposed to the building of a pulp mill in
Having worked in manufacturing and mining industries I know first hand there will always be two types of
pollution - deliberate or accidental. We do not have to accept either.
Having worked in state Health and supported residents with lung disease I know first hand we do not
want this pulp mill in the Tamar Valley, and I conveyed this message in person to Gunns former CEO, Mr
Greg L'Estrange, and to other senior Gunns people.
I am opposed to the building of this pulp mill because it was never assessed for PM2.5s. The World
Health Organisation has  declared PM's to be cancer causing.
Ruth Forrest Pulp Mill speech 2007
REAL FACTS put out by the Wilderness Society
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Air Pollution is a killer
What cleanairtas has been saying for years has now been recognised at the highest level
Wind roses for the Tamar Valley show Gunns 'statement of fact' to be anything but that.
Prevailing wind directions at certain times of the year will carry acknowledged emissions to most, if not all, populated areas in the Tamar valley including Launceston.  Then we have anabatic and katabatic winds:
No seal of approval - Chris Landon-Lane
Gunns 20- 5 years on
The Environment Minister today (31.1.2014) approved the three remaining modules of the Gunns Bell Bay Pulp Mill

Greens fail to stop vote on pulp mill bill
" will see social unrest in Tasmania greater than the Franklin River" - Geoff Cousins
Click on the above picture to hear what  Dr Raverty has to say. - No Pulp Mill Alliance
Click on the above picture to watch Hon Kerry Finch MLC give his speech on the Pulp Mill Amendments 29/1/2014
Go here to see more of what Kerry Finch has to say on the pulp mill.
Gunns Pulp Mill: Democracy Betrayed - TAP into a Better Tasmania.
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No Seal of Approval - Chris Landon-Lane
The Environment Minister today (31.1.2014) approved the three remaining modules of the Gunns Bell Bay Pulp Mill
A Christian Response to the Gunns Pulp Mill - Dr Andrew Corbett
Timeline of Events - Markets for Change
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The Mercury:  Doctors warn on Tamar pulp mill smoke after WHO report.
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16.4.2014 - Advocate: Burnie Council pulp mill push
Gunns Air Modelling. Check the report out here
In a Nova Scotia town residents are fighting the local pulp mill's pollution. Read the story here.
The Rise and Fall of Gunns Ltd. - by Professor Quentin Beresford
Book launch interupted.           Quentin Beresford wins award

Gunns former boss John Gay ordered to pay from insider trading proceeds

The liquidators of timber firm Gunns Limited want to quiz the company's auditors over their role in the 2012 collapse involving $3 billion of liabilities.

Former Gunns boss puts his house on the market for millions
Sold for $2.1m

Downfall of Gunns and John Gay
And again!  No place for a pulp mill in the Tamar Valley...
Smoke originating at a burn at Temma on the upper west coast of Tasmania moved across the north of the state into Bass Strait then was carried up the Tamar to Launceston on a north–west prevailing wind, would you believe.
here to read EPA Technical Report #29 "Turn right at the Tamar".
Anabatic winds typically occur during the daytime in calm sunny weather.
There will be pollution up the river when it is calm and sunny, AND when it is blowing a howling nor-westerly.
Katabatic winds are caused by the downward motion of cold air. Along with this cold air pollution drains back into the valley again. Launceston does not always flush after a very cold night when this wind occurs for just an hour or so on just some days of the year. Pollution slops back and forth in the valley. It does not all go out into Bass Strait as depicted most likely because the Tamar estuary at 70Km is Australia's longest.
What about all the log trucks? Estimated at one every 2 minutes!
Diesel exhaust is 100 times more toxic than gasoline exhaust.
Click on the above picture to read the report.
Burning wood is worse for global warming than burning coal
Looking back....Pulp Fiction, Pulp Facts
26 billion litres of water every year!

1.7.2016 - Gunns Pulp Mill Creditors
Air monitoring report- 2010
The EPA Division has continued to operate the Level 2 monitoring station at Rowella in the central Tamar Valley, established in 2006 by the Tasmanian Regional Planning and Development Council (RPDC), as part of the baseline environmental studies required prior to the construction of the proposed pulp mill at Longreach.  During 2010, this station has continued to monitor PM2.5 and PM10  particles using TEOM instruments and the levels of sulphur dioxide, and oxides of nitrogen using gas analysers.   The remaining Microvol air samplers and passive hydrogen sulphide monitoring stations in the Tamar Valley (Beauty Point, Deviot, Riverside, Rowella and Tippogorrie Hills) were decommissioned during 2010, although meteorological data continue to be collected at these sites.
EPA Update 9th January 2013: The station at Rowella was established by the Regional Planning and Development Council (RPDC) in 2006 to obtain a year of base-line air quality data in the lower Tamar valley prior to construction and operation of the proposed Long Reach pulp mill. The Environment Division (now the EPA Division) formally took over operation of Rowella station in December 2007. The station had continued to operate to obtain further base-line air quality data for particle concentration (by TEOM) and several gas species.
In September 2012 the decision was made to cease operation of this station. The Rowella station is currently being dismantled. If circumstances change in the future an assessment will be made of the need for a resumption of monitoring in the lower Tamar.
Letter to the Editor 22nd September 2016
Forest wars in Tasmania
Click on the photo to read Nick Clark's Mercury article - The Pulp Mill is Finally Pulped.
Gunns pulp mill finally dead, buried and site for sale.
Gunns website:-  Removed.
It’s been 10 years since the painful demise of one of Tasmania’s most contentious industrial projects.
Tamar Valley Pulp Mill is Over - State Growth Minister Peter Gutwein
The Examiner's front page 22/2/2019.
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Examiner 14 September 2019
SMANIAN activists who promote protests which involve trespass onto private land could receive 12 months' imprisonment under new federal legislation.
The new laws, which primarily target farmland and farming and forestry businesses, were passed in the Senate this week.
asmanian Liberal senators Jonathon Duniam and Claire Chandler spoke on the bill in Parliament.
Senator Duniam amended the bill to include wood processing facilities.
The laws would cover places such as timber and pulp mills
'Greed' to growth: Forico's rise from the ashes of Gunns Limited's collapse
Gunns Limited's dramatic fall over about two years from 2011 to 2013 was well documented at the time, and ended with former CEO John Gay being convicted for insider trading."It comes down to poor management and greed on the part of the company," - Forico CEO Bryan Hayes
But where does Forico stand with its burning, pesticide and herbicide activities?
2011 - Tasmanian Forests - Interim Report - Submission:  Clive Stott
Peter Cundall urged environmental activists to ‘never, ever give up’
His spirit will live on.
So when Gunns proposed a native forest, kraft chlorine pulp mill in his beloved Tamar Valley, it was a clash of the Titans. What he described as the “dirty, rotten, stinking pulp mill” had to be stopped. Peter spent his 80th birthday in 2007 in Launceston’s Albert Hall protesting the fast-tracking of the pulp mill and, at 82 in 2009, was arrested for the first time in his life outside Parliament House in Hobart, where he was standing in a sea of “Pulp mill corruption” placards. He pleaded not guilty on the grounds that he was not breaking the law by protesting at the parliament.
After he was sentenced he characterised the passage of the special legislation under which the mill was assessed as “corrupt”: “When you get a situation where a major proponent of a major pulp mill can actually donate to the main political parties and then cooperate in preparing that legislation for parliament and passing that through, that is corrupt and I’m fighting against that.”
Gunns pulp mill sites sold - Examiner 4.2.2020
A spokesman for the receivers KordaMentha said that two sites adding up to 363 hectares had been sold. The sales comprise the former pulp mill site at Long Reach and a site near George Town which was originally proposed for a worker's village during pulp mill construction.
‘There is no such thing as an odour free kraft mill – never promise such a thing.’