You may wish to contact any or all of the people below if you feel you or your family are subjected to smoke of any kind.
Please keep a copy of all correspondence, it may be of interest to share with others.

Australian Federation of Disability Organisations (AFDO)
Asthma Foundation of Tasmania
Will not lobby for asthmatics when it comes to deliberate large scale smoke in this state. They prefer to support putting people on medication instead. See the asthma page.
It is therfore suggested that people raise their concerns with the national bodies to enlighten them as to what is happening in Tasmania.
National Asthma Council Australia
Lung Foundation Australia
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
Heart Foundation of Australia
Cancer Council of Australia
State Parliamentarians House of Assembly: List of Members
Dr Mark Veitch - Acting Director of Public Health
Pollution Information Tasmania (PIT) -Telling the truth about toxins in Tasmania
Contact the Federal Minister for Environment  and Water. The Hon. Tanya Plibersek MP since 1 June 2022.
Contact the Prime Minister of Australia  The Hon Anthony Albanese PM
Conatct the Federal Minister for Health and Aged Care.  The Hon Mark Buttler MP
Media: contacts and sites
Tasmanian Times  Mercury  Examiner  Advocate  Tasmanian Country  The Australian  The Age  Sydney Morning Herald  Australian Newspapers Online   ABC Northern Tas   ABC Talkback   Geelong Advertiser
Other Australian Links:
Climate Council - Australia’s leading climate change communications organisation
Pollution Information Tasmania  Tasmanian Public and Environmental Health Network
Armidale Air Quality Group - Concerned about increasing air pollution from domestic woodheaters.
The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) promotes responsible management of the world’s forests.
EPA Western Australia Biomass Power
FPA - Roles and Responsibilities
FPA & EPA Memorandum of Understanding 2009   
Forestry Tasmania - Stewardship Report 2009
Environment Protection and Heritage Council (EPHC)
Standing Councils on Environment and Water (SCEW)
Minister for Environment -Hansard on smoke
enHealth  Environmental Health, plus the latest National Environmental Health Strategy 2007-2012
Malcolm Tattersall    Forestry - A photographic souvenir.
Discover Tasmania - Gordon Craven 
National Pollutant Inventory (NPI)
Emission of smoke from heaters, fireplaces, barbecues  Part 3/9 - Laws for some and not for others
Smart Burn - and  it gets a mention here
Woodsmoke Handbook 2003 National Heritage Trust 
Forest Practices Authority (FPA) Regulates forestry in Tasmania....but not the smoke.
State of the Air Community Summary 1991-2001-Federal Department of Environment
Tas Fire Service (TFS)- Smoke and Asthma. It is all words. Deliberate smoke can kill.
Using fire in Forestry - Chuter
The economic cost of wood smoke
Environment Tasmania Inc.
Modelling smoke dispersal in the Bureau of Meteorology
Good Neighbour Charter 2008 - Tas Forest Industries 
Freedom of Information/ Right to Information documents Forestry Tasmania.
Environmental Defenders Office - Environmental law centres.
State of the Environment - Air- 2009
New Smoke Strategy Unveiled - 2009
Why Air Pollution is a Problem in Tasmania - 2009
Air Quality in Tasmania - An education resource
Clean Air Society
Ecoaction - Launcestonbackpackers - when you need somewhere to stay
Forest logging creates fire traps
Australias biggest alliance of enviromental groups
Australian Government:  Department of Environment -Clean Air
Wood Smoke Free  - A commutity group in Victoria Australia advocating for wood smoke free homes
Centre for Air pollution, energy and health research (CAR) - Researchers focusing on the impacts of
air pollution...
Clean Air Canberra - Informing and educating our community about the health impacts of residential
air pollution
World Health Organisation (WHO) Air Quality Guidelines Global Update 2005 
Air Quality Standards - Australia
Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act (EMPCA) - 1994
Enforcement Policy 2004 of the above EMPCA 1994
Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Statement of Expectation
Environment Protection Policy (Air Quality) 2004  Planned burning provisions are not directly enforceable- EPA
EPA Statement of Intent 17.2.2009  
Summary of Submissions on the Establishment of a Tasmanian EPA
Tasmanian Air Quality Strategy
Environmental Management and Pollution Control (Distributed Atmospheric Emissions) Regulations 2007
Forest Practices Act 1985
Regulation of Forest Practices in Tasmania
Forest Practices Amendment Bill 2005
Forest Practices Administrative Reform Bill 2004
Draft Forest Industry Standard for Prescribed Burning Practices
Forest Industry Standard for Prescribed Silvicultural Burning Practice 2009
Tasmanian Air Quality Strategy 2006
Forest Practices Code 2000
Forest Safety Code Tasmania 2007
Fire Service Act 1979
Fire Service Amendment Bill 2005
Fire Service Amendment Bill 2007
Smoke Monitoring Methods Review 2008  Accepted by the EPA.
2008 FPA Smoke Strategy - Interim Smoke Dispersal Guidelines
2009 FPA Smoke Strategy - Interim Smoke Dispersal Guidelines
2010 FPA Smoke Strategy - Interim Smoke Dispersal Guidelines
2011 FPA Smoke Strategy - Interim Smoke Dispersal Guidelines
2010 Discussion paper for the Review of AAQ-NEPM
Hansard 1.12.2010 Forestry Tasmania - Business Enterprise.
Tasmana forest interim report
2017  Submission - Draft Impact Statement (Smoke) Regulations 2017   And,
                                Supplementary Information 2
                                Supplementary Information 3
2018 Submission - EMPC (Smoke) Regulations 2018   And,
                               West Tamar Council EHO letter
Weather forecasts and history, and Satellite Images.
Launceston - todays weather forecast
Bureau of Meterology - Tasmania cities and Towns daily forecast
BoM - Latest weather observations for the last 72 hours.
BoM - Many months of history from  monitoring stations around Australia.
BoM - High definition images from the Japanese Himawari-8 satellite.
Victoria- Outdoor air quality upwind of  Tasmania
Back trajectory of air movements at any place in the world
Geostationary satellite data archive
Satellite images - Australia wide from CSIRO marine using
Aqua and Terra satelittes
Satellite images: Modis Rapid Response - Tasmanian subsets
Satellite images - Tasmania. Modis satelite
Modis Satellite Rapid Response - Calendar
Satellite images - Sentinel
Satellite hot-spot images
Envisat- European Space Agency.
Live winds - Winds anywhere in the world. Click, drag, scroll. - Winds, rain, temperature, particulates and more
PTSD - Silent Professionals: Will PTSD disqualify me from employment?
Cystic Fibrosis
MesotheliomaHelp - Connecting Patients and Caregivers with 24/7 live-chat help support
Mesothelioma Symptoms

Lung Cancer Alliance
Cancer Misdiagnosis
Medical Malpractice is the 3rd leading cause of death in the US. This site could interest you no matter where you live. Get the facts here.
Smokefree Tasmania - a health advocacy organisation, and the goal is to  advance the end-game for tobacco.
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Often used  links:
EPA Real-Time Air Quality in Tasmania
Purple Air - Real time air quality map - PM2.5, winds, temperature, rain, lightning, etc.
EPA BLANkET data plot selector page
Princes Wharf air monitoring station
Tas Fire Service - Incidents map.
EPA map - TFS Incidents  U
pdate every hour during the day (07 h - 19 h)
Tas Fire Service -Alerts list
Install Google Earth, go here, click on Incidences -State Wide and select Current Permits under heading Tas Fire Service.
Fuel-reduction burns
EPA map - TFS Permit/registered burns - Hourly updates between
07 - 19h.
Australian bushfire news - check each state here
Sentinel Hotspots - Geoscience
NASA's ZOOM Earth satellite
MeTEye - Part of the next generation Forecast & Warning System.
The Weather
More accurate forecast for Launceston
Launceston forecast - Winds anywhere in the world. Click, drag, scroll.
Parks and Wildlife -Burns
Forest industry burns.  Sneaky, not plannedburns anymore.
Forico Burns
Lightning data.  Tasmania
Lightning Data. Australia wide and near real-time
Lightning Data. Historical and real time.
NASA  Lance Rapid Response satellite images   Alternate link  Tasmanian subsets
NASA Worldview satellite images - Easy to use. Add your satellite. Select your date and time.
Himawari8 satellite viewer - select your date and time
BoM satellite viewer - now with lightning layer
Berkeley Earth - Real-time map of world pollution
Air Visual. World map in real-time showing air pollution
Validated Air Pollution Data

Look up the Air Quality Index anywhere in the world  but see here why raw data readings are best!
Copernicus - CAMS -  for aerosols, atmospheric pollutants, greenhouse gases, stratospheric ozone and the UV-Index
Ecoaction - Launcestonbackpackers - when you need somewhere to stay
BC Air Quality Links
and by Station
Australian State and
Territory Air Quality Links:

Planned burns Victoria
New South Wales
South Australia
Western Australia
Northern Territory
Australian Capital Territory
World wide air links:
Provides public education about the medical hazards of exposure to wood smoke and other fine particulate pollution.
Burning Issues is the Clean Air Revival forum.
United States Clean Air Act
Wood Smoke Activist - Canada
Breathe Clean Air Comox Valley - Vancouver Island, Canada
My Health Beijing - Air pollution is the #1 topic on this website.
Prescribed Burns in Arizona This smoke could be killing your children and your grandparents.
GASP Group against smog and pollution in the Pittsburg region
Citizens for Environmental Health  Canada. Commit to being forerunners of change.
US Environmental Protection Agency
American Lung Association
The Collaborative on Health and the Environment (CHE)
Clean Air Act Handbook
Environment Canada - Harmful Particulate Matter
National Resources Defence Council
Country Doctor
The Lung Association - Quebec
Indoor house plants for improving air quality

Broccoli plant compound detoxifies air pollutants in the body
Residents Against Wood Smoke Emission Particulates (RAWSEP)
Families For Clean Air
Mothers against pollution
Take Back the Air
Clean Air Council  Protecting everyone's right to breathe clean air
  New Zealand.
Lost our rights to an outside wood burner (OWB).
A Consumers Guide to the Clean Air Act. The Clean Air Act is working towards a safe and healthier life for everyone.
Biochar- what is it and why does it matter

Most polluted neighbourhoods in your cities
Only Clean Air - Alberta Canada helping to clean the air, and on Facebook
Air Quality - Where there is smoke there is pollution
Nepal: Department of  Environment - Real-time air monitoring
Clean Air For Woostock - Ontario Canada
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards in the United States
Clean Air Aliance UK. Committed to getting clean air back to the top of the political agenda
PurpleAir -Real-time inexpensive air monitoring
PHYS.ORG - Lots of air quality links
Click on the picture
Photograpers in our state, Tasmania.
Rob Blakers Photography

Mathew Newton Photography
Dave Groves Photography
Owen Hughes Photography
Peter Dombrovkis & his collection.
      Olegas Truchanas & his collection
Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome generally happens after a ONE TIME exposure to a concentrated chemical, fumes, smoke, etc.
The damage to your airways and lungs can be done in seconds!
What is RADS. Go HERE
Also supporting:
The reason this cancer targets so many veterans is because of the prevalence of asbestos use in the military in the past.
Since 2004 over 5,000 veterans have died from mesothelioma

This website offers free veteran specific resources and support.
Highly recommended
Clive Stott Photography
DHHS Tasmania - Air quality alerts. 1 hour average.
Asthma Foundation Tas. alerts  &   30 day average.
Find a Leading Mesothelioma Lawyer in Your Area
Laying down and sleeping is a big thing when you can't breathe.
Here are some resources which might assist: