Smoke Inhalation Demonstration
(What it is like to breathe just 60 seconds of 'harmless' smoke.)
Desperate times lead to desperate measures.
Events prior to the demonstration on the 5/6/2008
05.06.2008 - Shame
06.06.2008 - Mercury article
20.08.2008 - Summons
07.11.2008 - Court List
08.12.2008 - Request for court transcipt
08.12.2008 - Audio file of the court proceedings (16Mb)
09.12.2008 - Mercury newspaper
09.12.2008 - Examiner newspaper
10.12.2008 - Tasmanian Times - Justice, democracy and letting off flares.
World Environment Day 2008-WATCH THE VIDEO Released under FOI  (3.83Mb Windows Media Video file). Download the file using Google Chrome, doesn't work with Internet Explorer.
Note: Mac users need Windows Media® Components for QuickTime  to allow Quicktime to utilise .wmv files. Read and download.
19.5.2009 - Ombudsman's findings and observations     
Smoke  Demonstration
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And, would further people need to restort to flares if we were not being smoked out?
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