2008 Photos
13/5/2008  This is what we breathe......
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View up the Tamar Valley towards Launceston.
Visibility is down to a few Km.
View North from Brady's Lookout
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As smoke lifts almost a month later
In comparison
and why.......
Note the location of the fires and the wind direction
details below the map.
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13.5.2008  Map courtesy of  Tasmanian Forestry Industries, the ones making the smoke.
24 planned burns.
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13/5/2008 weather courtesy of weather.com.au
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Smoke from Forestry Tasmania High Intensity burn heads
to Tamar Valley for the next few days under the wind direction as shown.
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2009 Photos
Nothing has changed.
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12/5/09 - Tamar Valley smoked out by
The smoke can be seen from space.
Map courtesy of PWS- Minister O'Byrne.
1,700 Ha.  Note the green 'burning now' dots.
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9/6/2009 - Smoke comes right across the
West Tamar Highway and fills the valleys to Beaconsfield, Tamar valley, and beyond.
Visibility was down to a few Km
Brown dots: Forestry Tas low intensity
smoky burn.
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FT Burns lit today12.6.jpg (28335 bytes)
Smoke blanket in the Tamar Valley during the night. This is what you breathe.
It came up the Tamar River from the burn towards Devonport.
Green dots: Forestry Tas low intensity
smoky burns lit today.
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Current FT Burns.jpg22.6.09.jpg (27564 bytes)
Tamar Valley completely smoked out.again today.
Visibility is down to 2Km.
22.6.2009 Forestry Tas. 2 burns still alight.
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22.6.2009 - Tamar Valley smoked out.
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25/6/2009 - Picture taken from Brady's Lookout.
Smoke is thick and widespread and the township of Exeter is choking.
Visibility is down to less than 1Km.
Picture taken in the other direction. Grindelwald is copping it, so is the West Tamar Highway.
The Tamar Valley is full of smoke and nothing towards Launceston is visable
Visibility is down to less than 2Km.
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Current ft burns25.6.09.jpg (29039 bytes)
Forestry Tasmania - burns still alight 12:20pm
Smoky wet low intensity burns
Forestry Tasmania - burns still alight 18:55pm
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25/6/2009 - Tamar Valley and beyond smoked out.
The original images show exactly how bad it was.
This forest industries smoke has gone on for months, every year, for years.
The NEPM 24 hour Standard for PM10 Particle Pollution is 50ug/m3
Now from the photos above, determine how bad our air quality has been
by using the Visible Air Quality table below:
View the smoke video on youtube
Photos from 2008
and the smoke still goes on
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